SpaceIShare Inc.

P.O. Box 28041 Toronto ON M1N 4E7

SpaceiShare is a transactional marketplace for storage. We connect people who NEED space with people who HAVE space. Airbnb has made people comfortable sharing their homes with people. Now they can share their homes with boxes too. So, here’s the problem. People have stuff….LOTS OF IT, and they need a place to put it all. Traditional self-storage facilities are expensive and most are inconveniently located. By creating a web platform to connect people who NEED space with people who HAVE space, not only are we solving the issues that storage renters face today, but we are creating an opportunity for people with space. For renters, they now have an easy way to find storage solutions in their communities and can save up to half of what traditional self-storage facilities cost. For space owners, they now have a new possibility of making money from space they already had. Our mission is to create an online community where people can share space in a safe, trusted and reliable environment.