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April 16, 2021

My experience with Storage For Your Life was fantastic! They had reasonable monthly rates and Karly Mulhall was an absolute delight and highly professionally and informative! I would use them again!
December 9, 2020

I’ve stored my trailer here for about 2 1/2 years. The first 2 years were okay but their rates went up 25%. This year my trailer has been vandalized twice. After I went in to report it , I was told that my rate would be reduced due to the inconvenience. About 3 weeks ago I went in to check on my trailer only to find that my pass code didn’t work at the gate. When I went to the office to find out why I was told that I had moved out and was no longer in their system. This was news to me. I was then told that it was all cleared up before I left the office. About a week later I received an email saying that my account was overdue even though I had been on a preauthorized automatic payments and had all my statements. I then went into the office again to find out what’s up. I was told again that it was all taken care of. I was later phoned and told that the regional manager had denied my rate reduction.

Clearly this business has become a big corporate bureaucracy and doesn’t place all that much importance on customer service.

Denny Karsten

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